5 Instagram best practices for boosting your Business

5 Instagram best practices for boosting your Business

Posted on January 9, 2016Categories Ecommerce, Web Design

Instagram is proof that a thousand words can be changed by one picture. If you know how to use Instagram you are also aware of the power of this social network. Users can take shots, adjust them as they like, and share them to all their friends on Instagram and other social media platforms. Hence, you also deserve to know that Instagram is an attractive opportunity for businesses to brand themselves and attract more followers.

Alrighty! Are you trying to figure out the ways to start using Instagram to boost your business? Below are a few best practices that you can use to excel at Instagram for your business and help you get on the move!

  1. Caption the picture!: Tell a story with your caption. Captions allow you to expand on the image, give it context and even make your followers laugh. It can also tie an image back to your business. Instagram is a visual social network, so many people end up neglecting the caption, when this is valuable real estate.
  2. Hosting Contests: Many users see contests as a benefit of following a brand on Instagram, so don’t think that you will be bothering people. Contests can ask users to comment on your photo, share it, mention a certain number of friends, or even share their own photo with a specific hashtag. Try out a contest, track the analytics and see how it benefits your brand.
  3. Instagram Ads:  Instagram revealed that from 30th September 2015, all businesses are able to create Instagram ads on a self-service basis (via Facebook Power Editor). They have also made the platform available to more than 30 new countries. Previously, Instagram ads were only available to big brands with big budgets even though the results have been pretty impressive; but us mere mortals have now been given the opportunity to experiment with this platform (yipee!).
  4. Build your Brand: The unique qualities of your brand’s audience are still important on Instagram. A bank can’t simply mimic Starbucks or Red Bull and expect to gain popularity. Hone in on your audience and build an Instagram brand that really caters to their interests and expectations.
  5. Collaborate: Consider collaborating with a popular Instagrammer or influencer in your field or industry. Ask them to share their thoughts on your brand or give them control of your branded account for a day. They expose your brand to their large Instagram community and this could pay off big time. Even small and medium businesses can use this tactic by giving away their product or using local influencers although many influencers will charge a pretty penny for their services, but it will all be worth it in the end!


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