5 surefire ways to save Your Magento Web-Shop from a Hack Attack!

5 surefire ways to save Your Magento Web-Shop from a Hack Attack!

Posted on January 8, 2016Categories Ecommerce, Web Design

When an unauthorized personnel accesses to your website or web page it is commonly referred as hacking because the hacker has no legal rights to access your personal web page or website. This may be the reason for profit, challenge, enjoyment, protest etc. which would result in a loss, exploitation, bankruptcy, humiliation etc.

The technical enhancements have certainly proved to be the best in every possible way, but the hacking of computer security gives rise to numerous troubles. If you are an online trader then you would face such troubles commonly. Even Magento, the best platform for e-commerce trade with an open source technology can be hacked.

Safeguard Your E-Commerce Trade with Magento Platform

As defined, hacking can have you face several troubles; you must initiate such steps that you could surely avoid your e-commerce trade from being hacked. The report says many incidents have been found about the involvement of hackers to access the Magento-hosted applications.

These rivals aim to create admin accounts in the database that are completely fake and use it to take over an e-commerce store. This is the reason you need to undergo steps to safeguard the Magento-hosted online store from any cyber vulnerabilities.

How To Prevent Hack Attacks On Webshop?

Below mentioned are five ways to prevent hack attacks on your MagentoWebshop, which would certainly prove to be valuable for you.

  1. Creating A Unique Path For Admin Panel-The default admin panel path of your store appears like ‘http://yourstore.com/admin’, this makes your website less secured. To prevent hack attack you need to modify the URL of your admin path. You can change it to ‘http://yourstore.com/adminwebsecurity’ this would stop the hack attacks on their tracks, itself proving as a great defense against the session management attacks.
  2. Modify Your File Permissions– You need to ensure the files and folders of your Magento e-commerce store are written protected from any other person except you. For this, you need to make the changes for the folders to 755 and the file permissions to 644. Fix up immediately if you find 666 or 777 and with this, the folders and media should remain 775.
  3. Secured Password– Password of your admin panel must be strong enough so that the hackers would not find it easier to guess.
    • You can set your password with a good mix of capital and small alphabets with numeric numbers along with symbols, all these can be a good mix to make your admin password strong.
    • Every time after and before you work with the Magento developers you must change the FTP password.
    • Never save your password on your laptop or mobile, if the devices get hacked, then security gates become open.
  1. Installing Security Patches– you need to create an account on your website head over to Magento EE or CE patches as Magento has some patches for the versions, and then install it.
  2. Using Secure FTP Protocol and Restriction for Admin Access– FTP authorization involves plain text so it mustn’t be used as it is easy to exploit. Secure FTP protocol can be used instead which involves private file submission and special key for user authentication.


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