Experience Whacky Thursdays @ Kodework

Experience Whacky Thursdays @ Kodework



What do you do if you’re a leading software company and you are about to have a power shutdown? PANIC!!! On second thoughts, grab a towel and head to the beach? Well we are based in Goa after all (among other global locations)! Here is what we did instead..


Whacky Thursdays

Actually it is the perfect time to organize a Team Building event. As the strength of the organization grows by the week, socialization of the new recruits is paramount in order to imbibe the unique culture of our company. The Whacky Thursdays experience served as the perfect ice-breaker.


Want to know more about who ended up with egg on their face? Or who took a step closer to promotion? Read on.


Your mission should you choose to accept it!

  1. Navigate 4 eggs to safety from a 20 metre drop, by creating a parachute!
  2. Use state of the art aeronautical technology to construct and pilot a paper airplane that can fly further and stay in the air much longer than the others!


List of Ingredients:


Slack for iOS Upload

*Oh yeah, and you couldn’t use your favourite friend – Google!


To add to the whackiness of the day, the group was assembled into 4 teams which were named, Beard Bots, Alco Androids, Space Cake and Hot Shorts. This only intensified the camaraderie amongst the coolest geeks in town.

To stay cool under the pressure and prevent participants from biting off their own fingers, tasty nachos and ice cold Cola’s done the trick.


2 hours later!!!

Amongst all the sweat and tears, emerged the winners. If you want to know who ended up with egg on their face, well it was the pavement outside. Actually out of all the groups only 2 eggs broke, which is further testament to the strength of the group. To know who will be promoted, you will just have to watch this space.

Kodework is a leading offshore software company. If you think you have the skills to pay the bills, get in touch. (Warning- Only superstar programmers apply!)


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