Increase the Page Speed of Your Magento Website

Increase the Page Speed of Your Magento Website

Posted on January 6, 2016Categories Ecommerce, Web Design

When any internet user clicks on the URL to open the website and it doesn’t open or slows down. The user finds it irritating and closes it. Speed is indeed an inevitable factor for any website all around the world. You may even know that Google is using site speed for web search ranking.

A research defines that the websites with slow speed convert less and the slowing effects last long. Hence if the e-commerce website runs slow, then many problems would arise. Even with the highly demanded Magento, you could face such problems!

Yes, You Could Face Problems in Loading even with Magento

If you do have an e-commerce business and use Magento platform for that business, then you may have faced such errors. Magento is indeed the best e-commerce platform with exciting features and flexibility. But some complaints have been listed about Magento being slow which is not good for the user experience.

The listed complaints aren’t fair always, if you put Magento on a cheap shared hosting with numerous other websites then it will be slow. It is admitted that Magento is not the fastest in the class, but the question arises ‘How to increase the page speed of your Magento Website?’ If you face such situation then you can follow certain steps and improve the speed of Magento.

10 Effective Steps That Would Help You in Sorting the Slow Down Problem

  1. Latest version of Magento is needed because the new releases include improved performance features.
  2. In the Magento Admin Panel, the Flat Catalog module must be enabled for the products and categories.
  3. For reducing the numbers of data operations, you need to enable caching each page request.
  4. The number of community extensions must be minimized, because extra processing introduced for large number of extensions and data base queries give a negative impact on the performance in overall.
  5. Using Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editor, you need to compress the image files and reduce the file sizes for improving your website’s performance.
  6. You need to combine, compress and cache JavaScript and CSS files for which you need to install a JS/CSS ‘Minifier’ that is made by a leading Magento extensions provider. This in addition, expiry tags is added to the files forever which would ensure the fastest loading browser.
  7. You may also need to try out with Magento Compiler.
  8. With this if still, the problem persists then PHP Opcode Cache like APC or e-accelerator must be installed. You can find the opcode cache installed on their servers.
  9. The MySQL server must be optimized that would enable Query cache to pull on ‘my.cnf’ parameters.
  10. If still, the problem persists then you need to replace the web server that offers more increase in performance for PHP applications.

These mentioned 10 effective points can be helpful in improving your web page loading speed and this in return would improve your e-commerce business.

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