The Best Magento Plugins Of 2015

The Best Magento Plugins Of 2015

Posted on January 11, 2016Categories Ecommerce, Web Design

Magento being the trusted e-commerce platform that is developed in technical history, has resulted in the creation of more than 2, 40,000 users all around the world to showcase their collection. Merchants from all around the world, who deal on with the e-commerce trading trust on Magento without any doubt.

For this reason, Magento having a huge plugin directory that can be used anytime for extending the functionalities gives the unlimited useful factors to its users. In the year 2015, users have an exclusive list of the best Plugins that are categorized in six major groups like SEO, performance, Frontend, Backend, UI, Loyalty, usability, referral campaigns, marketing, systems, and sales.

Select the Best Magento Plugins as Required

All of the plugins in the group are tested and accepted by the Magento developers. You can check on the provided guides to confirm about the groups. The guide provides necessary information about the vital improvements along the procedures that are important in making your e-commerce site competitive. There are more than 10,000 Magento plugins that can be used for your store, but all are not created in an equal manner. Below listed are the best Magento plugins of 2015 that can be useful for you in developing your e-commerce trade.

Listed Plugins Are Few Of the Numerous

Some of the listed plugins are free, and some are paid. Your need for the development of business can allow you to justify to select the best resulting plugins for you.

  • Google enhanced e-commerce plugin for Magento has been developed by Blue Acorn that helps the Magento users to make Universal Analytics and enhanced e-commerce integration easier and quicker. This plugin is available free of cost for any registered user with Google and upgraded to Universal Analytics.
  • The Subscription and Recurring payment plugins have been developed by aheadWorks. Designed for the users who sell products or services that are based on subscription. If you deal with such category of trade you will be able to customize the subscription period, change customer groups according to their subscription. This plugin is a paid one and very valuable for the shoppers dealing with such trade.
  • Klarna payment extension plugin is developed by Vaimo, which helps in increasing conversation that is available free of cost. This also includes the invoice and part payment options that collect the buyer’s purchase information and lists it up in one monthly invoice which can be paid in installments or in full.
  • The plugin developed by Yotpo is for product review that allows the shop owners to customize the review display and customize with branding the emails sent to the reviewers after the submission of a review. This plugin is available both in free and paid, with social sharing, coupons, ability to respond publicly or privately and more included in it.
  • The M2E Pro plugin developed by ESSUA fully integrates Magento into the platforms like Amazon, eBay, PLAY.COM, and Rakuten. The automated stock synchronization simplifies creation and management of the products list. This plugin is available free of cost and is compatible with 23 major eBay, 7 Amazon, and 2 Rakuten and can even support multiple accounts.


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