A Kodework Kind Of Diwali

Diwali may have fallen on a Sunday this year, but guess who wasn’t feeling the blues come Monday? We, at Kodework, carried forward the Diwali spirit and festivities to our second (to many, our first) home.

So what do web-developers do to make the most of Diwali?

Well, as for most people, Diwali is pretty much synonymous with scrumptious mithai, gorgeous silks and beautiful motifs, festive decor, and lights in all of its glory. Were we excited about all of this? Most definitely, yes!

Perhaps, it’s the fact that we just turned 5 and the festive spirit at Kodework is as alive as it can get. Besides, it was Diwali, and given that we love to dress up almost as much as we love to code, that’s exactly what we did – we decked ourselves up as well as the space around us. Anyone who may have come in with a half-closed post-weekend eye was definitely wide awake once they saw us stunning folks among them! 

And of course, being Diwali, there were lights, but did we mention that there were also flowers? We were feeling particularly creative, and so we went all out with those colourful beauties! Taking their aesthetic sense beyond their screens, our team curated a beautiful setup for us to spend our day in. 

Of course, we weren’t the only ones at Nordic Intent celebrating the festival of lights and everything cheerful, but we had come to finish with a bang what the Ninestackers had started on Saturday. And suffice it to say, we weren’t the only ones talking about Diwali at Kodework. We had a bunch of visitors and self-appointed photographers buzzing all around us. 

Whoever said computer geeks don’t know how to celebrate has definitely not visited our space yet! Want to know what else we do here? Follow us on social media for fun updates.

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