Business Process Outsourcing


Outsourcing was a big industry in the 2000s and in light of the continual evolution of technology and how it affects the way in which we work, both as individuals and businesses, many major companies are shifting gears to accommodate these requirements. 


Traditionally, big organisations have found it rather hard to pivot or evolve, unlike their start-up counter-parts, which are more motivated, smaller-sized, nurtured in tech and blooming in the cloud, making them more flexible and adaptable to the changing business landscape.

Mritunjay Singh, operating chief of outsourcer Persistent Systems, predicts a “bloodbath” in which only nimbler companies will survive.


Agility is a problem when you’re 5000+ employees strong and you’ve got “processes”. It’s a problem when employees have been doing the same thing for years and are not used to change. 


We offer outsourcing services of certain business functions and processes to help make businesses leaner, more cost effective and efficient.