Web Watch – The Power of Developing a Custom Website

develop a custom website

Being present on the web is critical for your website. This has been proclaimed on SEO guides since 2014. It remains relevant to this day. Why? You ask. 

It’s because your products or services need a platform to show what awesome stuff they can do. Do you have a unique product that can solve a major consumer problem? Make a custom website and make more people see it.

A custom website makes your business legitimate. Consumers can learn about your offerings, try it out themselves, and contact/give feedback on the website itself.

Some intellectual geniuses will tell you that cookie-cutter templates can easily let you get a website. But that doesn’t do justice to your products. Your brand is unique and can come alive only through custom design elements.

It gives you an opportunity to try out new features that your competitors perhaps haven’t paid notice to. So how can you harness the power of a custom website? And how? Let’s check it out.

Custom website benefit #1 – SEO Ranking

A free website built on a template may not be set up for maximizing SEO. A custom website allows you to add snippet codes, create a content structure, and insert SEO elements that help your website to rank better.

SEO can be built onto the website’s framework. This allows your website to climb up the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.

Custom website designs facilitate front-end SEO for every page of your website. This includes rich keyword content that Google loves. These increase the chances of your website reaching the intended target audience.

Custom website benefit #2 – Competition

If you adopt a template for your website, it will almost surely look like many other business websites. The only way to stand out from the sea of competitors is by incorporating a custom website design.

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We build websites that cater to your demographic and audience. You have influence over the website features and website functionality. We only craft a durable and robust website based on your vision.

We help you make small or major tweaks that help further improve conversions and engagement.

The websites we build are based on strong design personas. Read more about personas by clicking here.

Custom website benefit #3 – Branding

The difference between a standard template-based website and a custom website is massive. The difference in professionalism is clearly evident.

A custom website looks professional. It leads to measurable conversions because your prospects/leads know the website is legitimate.

That same credibility of a custom website can alleviate any security concerns the customer may have. 

Custom website benefit #4 – Flexibility

A static template-based website design won’t allow you flexibility. As time goes on your expectations also increase. You want the website to do more.

You want more sections, dropdowns, tabs, links, plugins, functionalities, and probably an overhaul in the flow. You can tweak these at any moment with less hassle.

Every website needs updating at some point. The flexibility that a custom website design holds over a template can be leveraged by a professional web developer. He/she will know how the website was built in the first place and can rectify issues or upgrade sections with ease.

This flexibility and prospective consistency will feedback into your brand’s ranking and credibility. A standard template will hinder your business in the long run.

If you are looking to revamp or get started on a new website, make a custom one. We can help you with that.

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