Important Web Development Trends to Look Out for in 2017

As we welcome the New Year, big things are expected to happen in terms of website development. A surge in the usage of smartphones has created a need for websites to be developed to cater to them. In fact, most of the trends mentioned below are influenced by smart phones. We have curated a list of trends to look out for throughout 2017.

Parallax Designs

These designs are slowly becoming popular. They provide an alternative to the traditional way of designing a website. The websites using these designs are more interactive with its user and are found to have a good retention capacity.

‘Cinemagraphs are images that have some form of movement within. They are becoming more popular as the image tends to use far less bandwidth than video counterparts and have more versatility. For mobile users, this can be good for both performance of the site and the individual’s data plan.’ (Source –

Minimalist Design

With the objective of speedy viewing, web designers remove all unnecessary elements from a website to encourage a focused approach while simultaneously decreasing the loading speed of the website. This approach has been developed keeping smartphones in mind.

Lazy Loading

Developed to manage the user’s resources according to the requirement, certain elements of a website load only when they are needed. This process helps increase the website’s efficiency, ensuring better management of resources.

Long Websites

About a decade ago, experts would advise website designers to avoid long websites. The idea was that scrolling through the website will bore visitors. However, with the advent of smart phones and mushrooming of smart phone users, long websites are trending. Clicking buttons to view multiple webpages are often inconvenient to a smart phone user. To avoid upsetting this growing demographic, websites are being designed accordingly.

Though these trends are influenced by a wide usage of smart phones, they have actually helped to make the web more efficient. The number of people using the internet is going up drastically due to innovative web development. 2017, has begun on an exciting note. Let’s hope momentum is maintained throughout the year.

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– Shailesh Tanpure

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