Business Process Outsourcing


We have recently moved into our new studio in Mumbai after having reached our housing limit in the previous office. Six months into business and we are already expanding. Outsourcing as an industry was big in the 2000s but it has been hit by a new wave of evolution. Some of the major companies have been hit hard and are shifting gears to accommodate requirements. In big organisations it’s rather hard to pivot or evolve. They are definitely trying to do all they can, but do they have the time they need?

Fast forward to the 2014/15 start-ups. They are motivated, small-sized and pack a real punch. They are nurtured in tech and bloom in the cloud. This makes them flexible. Mritunjay Singh, operating chief of outsourcer Persistent Systems, predicts a “bloodbath” in which only nimbler companies will survive.

Agility is a problem when your 5000+ employees, agility is a problem when you’ve got “processes”. It’s a problem when employees have been doing the same thing for years and are not used to change. Flexibility is a dream here. Not being flexible enough is leading to a drop in the global outsourcing deals.

This is quite a huge problem for India as outsourcing accounts for 20% of its exports of goods and services. But does this mean that start-ups have the upper hand? “In 2000, the services business was disrupted by the introduction of offshore players who could outsource functions better than others,” said Persistent’s Mr. Singh. “We see the current disruption playing out in a similar way.…Some companies will do well, others will fail.”