5 super easy security tips for WordPress newbies

Are you a blogger? Did you just start out with WordPress? Don’t you absolutely love it?!

We do, too! But there’s one problem – WordPress sites are notoriously lacking when it comes to security. Fear not, we’re here to help out. Here’s a few simple DIY tips to help improve your blog security:

Run the latest version of WordPress

This is the simplest first step to improving security on your blog. WordPress is making continuous attempts to get their security features up a notch. And you can only benefit from this if you have your blog updated to their latest version.


WP update versio


Update your Themes and Plugins

Having the latest version of WordPress alone is not enough – you have to update your themes and plugins to the latest available version in order to minimize your site’s vulnerability to security attacks.


WP plugins update


  • Only get your plugins and themes from well-known sources

As far as possible, download your themes and plugins from WordPress.org since they will already have been thoroughly scanned before being listed in their directory.

Remove Inactive Users

Inactive users on your WordPress site, especially Administrators who have the ability to modify content, are possibly one of the weakest points of entry –  because unfortunately, most users tend to choose weak passwords.

If you absolutely need to keep inactive users in your WordPress database, change their role to ‘Subscriber’ in order to limit their actions.

Add a CAPTCHA on your WordPress Login page

Adding a simple Captcha to your WordPress login page is another great way to minimize the chance of a bot/script gaining access to your site via a brute force attack.

Backup your site

We cannot stress enough on just how important this is. Please backup your site! And not just every once in a while. Do it predictably, on a schedule. Do this to save yourself from having to wake up one day to find out all your data is gone. When you have scheduled backups, and your site is compromised, you’ll be able to restore it to a version prior to the damage with ease. Choose an automated solution like VaultPressBackupBuddy, or WordPress Backup to Dropbox for simple backups and with built-in restore options.

Do you know of any more super easy security tips for WordPress? Let us know below!


Anisha Sawant