10 apps you may not have come across, but will want!

Searching for the most efficient and apt app is overwhelming.  Here is a list of Android apps that are effective in a specific field. Enjoy!

1. Security and Anti-Virus

Security is a touchy subject and debates about safety of the Android system occur regularly. If you are on the look out for a good anti-virus app, Mobile Security & Antivirus, then Avast is your answer. It keeps you safe from malware threats and is a superb virus detection software. It searches through your browser history, micro SD cards and internal storage space. In addition, it employs anti-theft features like location tracking which work even if your device isn’t currently in your possession.

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2. Camera App

This one is for those of you who take photographs very seriously, but prefer capturing moments through your smartphone. Manual Camera app allows more control over the phone camera than other apps. The majority of the camera apps are designed to make photography as easy as possible for users. However, this results in not so professional looking pictures. Experienced photographers may feel more at home with this app. It provides a range of settings such as shutter speed, focus, white balance, exposure compensation that most camera apps don’t offer. In addition the app also lets you save images in the lossless RAW format, which offers completely new possibilities for further processing.

3. Television and Movies

An excellent app for watching TV shows and movies is the Hulu. A free service app that relies on advertisements for revenue. It has a range of shows available without subscription, you will need to pay a subscription fee to access all content.

4. File manager

Apart from ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer has rich-features and is highly accessible due to a crisp Material Design UI. It enables users to navigate two separate folders simultaneously and drag content from one folder to another. Other features include hidden folders, ZIP, RAR archive extraction and customization through icons, colour schemes and themes.

5. Weather App

There are numerous weather apps available that are more accurate and visibly pleasing than the pre-installed ones on your device. An all time favourite is the Weather Bug app. Totally free, it includes weather forecasts, severe weather alerts, widgets, and live weather.


6. Messenger App

There are a few contenders in the market, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Evolve SMS offers more than just messaging, but full multimedia support including audio, video, and gifs along with message archiving, customizable notifications, and password protection.  Surprisingly it is not quite heavy as compared to other brands in the market. Some may have had issues with MMS, but otherwise it is perfectly stable.

7. Fitness and Lifestyle

The 7 Minute Workout app is a great app that focuses on a short, but high intensity routine that aids weight loss and improves health.  This app does not ask for height or weight, neither does it track your overall progress. Although it lacks in features, it makes up for it in simplicity. All you need to do is, go through the list of exercises and tap the start button.

8. Cloud Storage

Storing personal data online rather than risking it on fragile hard drives. Copy is a lesser known cloud storage that is worth every dime. Users get 15GB of free cloud storage just for signing up and you can upgrade to 250GB or 1TB as per your needs. May have some bugs for some but overall agreement from the rest.

9. Android Keyboard

One of the fastest and accurate typing is Fleksy. Many people have adopted this app mainly because it is clever and when you get used to the keyboard, you realise how useful some of the smaller details are. Some of the extensions include the invisible keyboard, make sure you experiment with this app.

10. GPS and Navigation

HERE is Nokia’s own map app. It provides everything you would expect, including turn by turn navigation, search and satellite imagery. The best feature of this app is that it works offline. You can download maps of the entire country and use them the way you would online.  If you are a frequent traveller and want to save on data usage this app is indispensible.  The only disadvantage is that you have to register to download maps, however it is totally free.