The Tower of Code

The Tower of Code

Posted on June 8, 2017Categories Uncategorized

In commemoration of the Norwegian Constitution Day on the 17th of May 2017, we held a couple of team building activities for the team at Kodework.

The activity which had significance to Norway and its culture, was a test everyone’s abilities to work with people they don’t know too well, as we at Kodework rate teamwork very highly.

The task was called ‘Build the Tallest Tower in 20 mins’ and the entire Kodework team was divided into 3 teams.


Each team was given a pack of straws and paper clips. Their mission – build the tallest standing structure of straws within the 20 minute time frame using the paper clips as supports.


Why paper clips? Well the paper clip was invented by Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler.

The winner’s tower stood at a towering 7.8 feet.


Think you can do better? Get yourself a packet of straws, some paper clips and a positive attitude. Get building and send us photos of how tall a tower you build.

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