WannaCry Makes the World Sob

The WannaCry-Ransomware is the biggest cyber attack that ever happened on the internet. This ransomware named WannaCry stormed through the web taking down data across the world.

This virus has spread, by leveraging on vulnerability of the Windows OS.
So what is WannaCry-Ransomware? It’s a kind of malware that prevents the user from accessing their systems or locks the system until an amount is paid in bitcoins.

This virus is spread through emails and downloads. This virus once downloaded onto the system have all the root privileges and executes functions on its own thus locking your system and in the case of crypto-ransomware, encrypt predetermined files are locked.

A full-screen image or notification is then displayed on the infected system’s screen, which prevents victims from using their system. This also shows the instructions on how users can pay the ransom amount. The second type of ransomware prevents access to files including potentially critical or valuable files like documents and spreadsheets.

Interestingly, this virus runs in a background and affects all your files.
After infecting your computer, the malware finds files with JPG, XLS, PNG, DOC and PPT file extensions. These files are usually important images and documentation, so there is a good chance the hacker will encrypt a file that you need.

After infecting one computer, this then virus spreads to other systems connected to the network. This is mainly because of the vulnerability of the Windows OS, due to which, all systems connected to the network can be affected by that virus
To prevent this attack from spreading, Microsoft has released a patch.
To defend yourself from this dreaded ransomware , update your Windows systems to get the latest versions of the Windows OS you use.

In the meantime, avoid clicking of any popups which appears when you read articles saying protect yourself from ransomware.

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