Curious about UI Design? Here’s what you need to know

ui design

If you’re a creative person, fascinated by clean yet functional design when it comes to using apps or websites, then you may have a career in UI design. In fact, the thought has probably already crossed your mind which is why you’re here. Trust us, we know how you feel. Here at Kodework, we are extremely passionate about clean, minimalistic, and functional design. With influences from our Nordic base in Norway, to our offshore offices in Goa, India, we are able to serve our clients with a variety of UI UX design concepts that honour both form and function.

This short article is merely an introduction to the larger concept of UI UX design, which you can read about in our Comprehensive Guide to UI UX design.

What is UI design?

Quite simply, UI design stands for User Interface design. It is one of the two components of UI UX design, the former being the aesthetics, while the latter dealing with the functionality. When it comes to UI design, there are two common interfaces.

First is CLI or Command Line Interface. This was standard protocol in the early days of computing and included a terminal area (a sort of text box) that allowed a user to type in text-based commands. In fact, CLI is still used by programmers even today while coding.

The second type of interface is the extremely popular GUI or Graphical User Interface. This is pretty much what you see everywhere. It’s the front end of every app you use on your phone or computer and was introduced with the early Macintosh computers by Apple, and Windows 1.0 by Microsoft. A GUI includes graphical elements that help users navigate a system. These elements include menus, icons, and windows. On phones, they could even include other interactive elements made specifically for touch, such as sliding menus and buttons.

What is the job of a UI designer?

Well, if slick design intrigues you and you’re a creative person, then there’s a whole world of opportunity that awaits you as a UI designer. When it comes to UI design, the designer must first understand the purpose of the app, and marry that with the client’s requirements and brand identity. They do this usually by choosing colours and elements that closely follow the client’s company brand guidelines. 

As a UI designer, you will need to break down hard-to-understand design structures to a format that is convenient to the end-user. This will later help the UX designer add in the required functionality for your design. In the best-case scenario, the UI UX design is done by the same person. It helps to have an analytical mind, because from product development until the design goes live, every process is catered to systematically. UI design specialists like the team at Kodework, engage with clients to gather essential project information, form a high-level understanding of the requirements, and then create a unique UI design plan. 

So, does this sound like something you’d like to do? Or maybe you have a project that requires a slick UI or UX design? You can reach out to the professionals at Kodework at Find out more about the exciting world of UI UX design by checking out our Comprehensive Guide to UI UX design.