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Website development is the backbone that holds up a search-friendly website. Think of it as the structure that supports your entire online system. A well-developed site optimises your search potential while following best practices for online functionality. A poorly developed site can actually hurt your search engine rankings or, in some cases, make your site invisible to search engines altogether.

Build a foundation for success with good website development

Kodework codes all sites to the most current Web standards, providing a usable, accessible, forward-thinking platform on which to build your online presence. We use industry-leading content management systems and media-aware code. Everything is updatable and adaptable.

What does this mean for you? Your website will be viewable, searchable, and appealing to search engines and potential customers alike! Kodework Cares !

Experience the difference made by a well-developed, strategically implemented website. Contact us for a custom Web development quote.

EXPERTISE reality.

Kodework has the technical expertise necessary to program working solutions for all your digital marketing needs. Our experience includes Magento ,Woo commerce,  WordPress, database technologies, web programming, Web apps , server management. Graphic design and Web design  ,as per european design standards.

At Kodework , we understand that design is only half the solution. Our technical knowledge results in effective, intuitive websites and mobile apps to help our clients succeed on the web.


We do it all day, every day, and we’re here to serve you.
Our full-service line is designed to put your mind at ease with start-to-finish web support. We specialize in fully-intergrated solutions to maximize your presence on the web. Designing a website is only the beginning.

We will keep your site fresh and take it to the next level by optimizing for peak search engine performance. Learn more how we can not only be your faster solution, but your total solution.

We also drink a lot of coffee , Black Coffee !



Kodework believes in building lasting relationships with its customers through the on-time delivery of web design and website development solutions that ensure complete client satisfaction. Choose us as your solution development partners now!

We, at Kodework , boast on our ability to develop simplified web design and web application development solutions using latest technologies. Our seamlessly dynamic engagement models and unwavering focus on surpassing our clients’ expectations; have earned us numerous positive reviews and strengthened our relationships.

We attribute our success to the skills, expertise and commitment of our web development team that prides itself in delivering innovative web design and website development solutions. Look at some of our customers’ testimonials expressing their satisfaction with our services.


Consistency in life. Consistency in relationships. Consistency in business.

Being consistent is a fine balance, which we must strive to master on a daily basis. If you only go to the gym one time, you won’t look like a body builder. In order to have a successful relationship with your significant other, you must work on the relationship. And you’re probably not going to make $1,000,000 your first year in running your own business. But these are areas where being consistent will simply help you try to be better than you were yesterday.

Same goes with your website.

Let’s say, for example, you’re a hardcore athlete, and your body is your temple. You train daily. You eat right. You do your best to be the best. Ask yourself this…for all the hard work I do, would I eat an entire cake, two dozen doughnuts and five pies just for fun? Kind of counterproductive! Right?

Same is true with your website. You’ve got to cultivate it. Freshen it up. Make revising your website part of your routine. Just like your body, your website is NOT just a “set it and forget it.” You’ve got to keep it moving.

At Kodework , this is exactly what we do .



When website has been developed and live, usually it’s considered as “Job Well Done”. But is that it? Absolutely not. Only one possible way, with continues efforts to protect a website or webserver. Website will reflect ailing on your business or brand, if it is hacked. A website is always inclined to security risk. And so are any networks to which web servers are connected. Setting apart risks created by operative use or misuse of network resources, your web server and the site it hosts present most serious foundation of risk.

Effect of Unsecure (Hacked) website on business, individually and Government

  • Leak personal information
  • Top secret classified government data
  • Access system functionally or sensitivity data
  • Poorly reflect on business or brand
  • Hacked website effect on business more than money
  • Destroying trust from customer
  • Effect on brand reputation
  • Fall in business revenue

How do you keep your website safe and secure?

  • Update web scripts and software constantly
  • Identity management
  • Access management
  • Additional layer security
  • Backup your site
  • Monitor your site
  • Keep yourself update by reading tech blog



We specialize in affordable web development services and customer-friendly ecommerce web development, corporate identity and custom graphics. We are a company that believes in building long term relationships with our clients and to also provide extraordinary customer support. We maintain a very low overhead, enabling us to deliver cost-effective, high-quality products. Since its inception Kodework has built a reputation as a friendly, budget-minded web development company that cares deeply about the success of our clients.

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Your journey with us:

Analysis helps you focus

Our analytical techniques provide valuable data for market research – they helps us measure traffic and popularity trends. They also give us insight into how the target audience behaves, so the website can become more user-friendly and tailored to customer needs.

Good strategy begins with proper goal-setting

After the analysis, we use the information we have gathered to come up with great ideas and concepts for improving your website and marketing plan. We use our many years of experience in digital marketing to come up with good and innovative strategies – both in terms of further development of the website, as well as creative techniques that help you to make progress online.

Code is art. Design is user-friendliness

Once we have analyzed the website and planned the structure, we focus on achieving a wonderful and user-friendly design. Thereafter, the design is forwarded to the development department to be coded into a perfect website.

When the website is completed, we connect it to the user-friendly content systems that make it easy to maintain the website following the launch. we then perform some more quality checks to ensure that any errors are corrected.

Reports that help you make the right choices!

Reports provide insights into what works and does not work around your website and marketing plan. We produce customized reports which cite exactly the information you are looking for. We can then generate reports for marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, sales campaigns and much more.

We can also give our customers access to our analytical tools, so that they can view larger amounts of data and can make faster decisions around the future strategy.