Ready to create your UX design? This is what you need to do

UX Design

If you have a great UI design, you need an even better UX design. As we all know, UX stands for User Experience, and a great UI is nothing without a complementary UX. We’re sure you put in a lot of time and effort to create the perfect user interface, which is why in this article, we’re going to look at a few of the important design principles that you need to consider while designing a world-class user experience.

When it comes to UX design, the UI UX designers at Kodework in Norway and India are global leaders. For them, the disciple of clean design and highly functional user experience is second nature, which is why they have compiled this list of important design principles. This article is part of a much broader look at UI UX design, which you can check out by reading our Comprehensive Guide to UI UX Design.

Visual Design

Quite simply, the visual design makes the overall design of the app or website more appealing and engaging. You can accomplish this by engaging your website or app’s audience with relevant conceptual art or web-based design. Again, simplifying further, visual design makes the UX better with the help of layouts, space management, photography, and illustrations.

Interaction Design

Here, a meticulous design flow is facilitated based on user tasks and commands. Every aspect of how the user is interacting with the design functionality is explored. What each button does, how swipe-menus work, and where links lead. All of this ties into the overall interaction experience of the user.

Information design

How is the information or content on your design understood by the user? Is the information displayed in the right order? These questions along with many others get answered here. In the interest of keeping the UI simple and the UX as uncomplicated as possible, it important to ensure there isn’t more content and information than is required.

Functional design

No detail is too small or insignificant. Which is why every element with regards to UX design functionality is defined here. These functional specifications must be presented based on user needs. 

User needs

Following from the previous design principle, there are a number of user derived goals that are identified via user research. This research is often done in the planning stage of the app or website and is discussed in-depth with the client during a walkthrough meeting.

Design objectives

There are many different reasons or objectives for UX design. Sometimes the goal of the website or application could be the generation of leads or to maybe to simply create brand awareness. Whatever the case may be, based on the client’s user needs, the design objective follows through on ensuring that the user experience meets the overall reason for the app’s or website’s development.

Are you ready to convert that gorgeous UI design into an engaging UX? Or maybe you have a project that requires a slick UI or UX design? You can reach out to the professionals at Kodework at Find out more about the exciting world of UI UX design by checking out our Comprehensive Guide to UI UX design.