Industry based IoT Solutions & Applications

Kodework is a top IoT services & solutions company that helps grow your business to connect and deploy devices globally through IoT applications for modern hardware connected systems like electronics, sensors, gateways, actuators, and platform hubs. IoT helps to unveil tremendous opportunities with connected devices.

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IoT Solutions for Automotive

Kodework with the help of Bluetooth enabled OBD-2 devices, navigation & telematics solutions, predictive maintenance solutions, Geofencing, Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), IoT technology, in-vehicle infotainment systems, build and deliver automotive connected solutions which can make vehicles smarter and facilitate safe, efficient and comfortable driving. Our IoT services can help in collecting real-time and consistent data about the vehicle, location and other details. IoT solutions for the automotive industry can be a perfect blend of onboard sensors, custom mobile app, cloud storage, technology used to fetch data. It helps in IoT applications and solutions.

  • OBD-2 based Vehicle Diagnostic Solution
  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring
  • Driving Behavior Monitoring & Safety
  • Smart Fleet Management System
  • Predictive Vehicle Maintenance
  • Smart Transportation & Logistics
  • School Bus Tracking


IoT Solutions for Retail

Acquire a business advantage in the retail sector by implementing our most advanced IoT solutions developed by our team. With years of experience in providing IT solutions for retail businesses, Kodework can help your retail business optimize supply chain management, boost sales, and improve inventory management with our top-notch IoT applications and IoT solutions development. Our smart retail solutions can assure 100% improved and optimized customer experience that will boost customer retention and loyalty.

  • Smart Retail Supply Chain Management
  • Smart Mirror for Virtual Try-on
  • Smart Shelves
  • Smart POS
  • Smart NFC based Payments
  • BLE based Proximity Marketing
  • Smart Delivery Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Automation

Smart Home Automation

We at Kodework deliver ultimate control over in-house living and lifestyle experiences via internet to make life more convenient, secure and also help in cost reduction of house-hold bills by leveraging IoT technology applications in your homes which provides automatic and electronic control of household features, activity, and appliances connected through WiFi, which can be manage from home, or miles away. Kodework offers Smart Home Automation solutions that are proven, customer-oriented and completely customized according to the needs of our clients. We offer home automation solutions on Android and iOS app development to control and monitor switches, door contact, motion & light sensors, Smart thermostats, Indoor security cameras, smart locks, etc.

  • Waste Management
  • Water Leakages Detection
  • Parking Management
  • Home Security Management
  • Measure & Control Home Environment with IoT Sensors
  • Manage Home Appliances with IoT based Mobile Apps
  • Run Personalized Schedules
  • Control Home Access
  • Energy Savings & Optimization


Industrial IoT

Kodework IoT services & solutions company help enterprises and manufacturing businesses in enhancing overall productivity with Industrial IoT applications through network-connected sensors and other monitoring devices that improve the manufacturing and quality of an organization’s products and product parts ultimately providing transparency to our clients. Our IIoT smart machines are not only better than humans at capturing and analyzing data, but they are also better at communicating important information that can be used to drive business decisions faster and more accurately.What makes it distinct is the intersection of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). Our IIoT enables industries and enterprises to have better efficiency and reliability in their operations and also share information from machine-to-machine and humans. Also, our experts offer IoT applications for efficient asset tracking, supply chain, and warehouse management along with delivery solutions.

  • Complete Factory Automation
  • Remote Monitoring & Quality Checks
  • Track Manufacturing Equipment with IoT Sensors
  • Smart Asset Tracking Solutions
  • Smart Warehouse Management System
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • Custom Web and Mobile Apps for Analysis

Smart Healthcare

Kodework provides IoT solutions for the healthcare industry and we feel proud about it. We provide customized and smart healthcare solutions using IoT and other technologies like custom iOS and Android app development, AR-VR, AI-ML, wearables, etc to take some burden off health practitioners. Our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act derived IoT applications for healthcare offers remote patient monitoring, treatment progress observation, monitoring vaccines, easy determination of EMR and EHR records tech devices come with some form of connectivity, from wearables such as biosensors to X-ray machines with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. IoT-enabled medical devices provide critical data that assist health practitioners to perform their jobs. along with other benefits to the healthcare agencies, professionals and patients too.

  • Remote health monitoring
  • Ambulance telemetry
  • Drug tracking
  • Hospital asset tracking
  • Remote Patient Diagnostics
  • AI-ML Driven Health Diagnosis
  • Hospital Mobility Solutions
  • IoT for Health Insurance Companies
  • Apps for Medical IoT Devices
  • Smart Inventory Management


Smart Energy Management

Our Kodework IoT solutions for smart energy management helps businesses, homes, office, cities save 30% on energy costs. With a mixture of our IoT sensors, vast data, and AI-ML technology businesses can get valuable insights on saving consumption of energy and on how to increase overall energy performance. Our IoT solutions for energy management assures businesses to identify the core source of energy wastage and reduction in carbon footprints with improved energy optimization.

  • Smart Meter Systems
  • Remote Energy Equipment Monitoring
  • Predictive Energy Optimization
  • Data Analytics

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